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Weekly Charts: December 6 - December 12

At the second week of December, there are no signs of artists slowing down on new music releases as we inch closer to the end of the year. This week’s music charts show ballad domination with sorrowful songs on faded love, magical melodies, and heartfelt harmonies fitting for this frigid season.

Weekly Charts: September 13 - September 19

This week’s charts for the third week of September include a few splendid surprises. Look no further if you need an encouraging song to pick you up this season or some fresh, new bops to brings things to life! We’ve got killer women, dreamy girls, groovy singers, and tear-jerking vocalists to liven up your playlist for the week.

Weekly Charts: September 6 - September 12

Rolling into the second week of September, releases from K-Pop, K-Hip-Hop, and K-Indie artists have been trending and shaking up the charts amidst the new season. This week’s charts are a perfect blend of heart-stealing, up-tempo beats, inspiring fire raps, and bittersweet ballads that are a must listen for fall.