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Catching Up with Jeff Benjamin

When it comes to writing about K-Pop, one of the pioneers in K-Pop journalism within North America is none other than Jeff Benjamin. He has written for several outlets such as Teen Vogue and Rolling Stone and is most notable for his work with Billboard. At this year’s KCON LA 2018, The Kraze had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Benjamin once again and catch up on his latest endeavors and work with K-Pop.

Getting Qute with Q2Han!

Based out of South Korea, twin sisters Qjin and Qwon and their YouTube channel, Q2Han, have been on the rise as creators who have a passion for fashion and beauty. With over 366,000 subscribers on their channel, you can catch Qjin and Qwon on their adventures in South Korea, traveling across the globe, as well as fashion-centered and & K-Beauty videos. The Kraze had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Qjin and Qwon during KCON LA 2018 (which was also their first time attending KCON LA) and sit down to talk about their career in fashion, as YouTubers, and getting to know them!