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B-Sides: Be Strong

We all have those days, or sometimes even weeks, where all the energy is sucked out of you. On days like this, any help is welcome to get through the day, and even K-Pop can help inspire enough confidence to overcome the rut.

Throwback Thursday: Chill Study Playlist

For most, it’s already the middle of the first semester of the school year, and often our energy and eagerness to learn starts to plateau. Sometimes we just need some good music to get us through long days and nights of studying, which is why this week, we’re highlighting great songs to keep you going through your studies.

B-Sides: Staff Picks Part 3

The staff here at The Kraze is composed of a unique group of people with different tastes in music and different favorites among K-Pop groups and songs. This week we asked some of the members to share their favorite B-Sides from their favorite groups.