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School Food in South Korea

Across the world in South Korea, I, the fully grown adult, was pleasantly surprised at the lunches offered at the elementary school I work at. Instead of the foam or plastic trays that I received as a child, students are given metal silverware and metal trays with five compartments. As a teacher, I also received a small metal bowl.  

The History Behind the Language: Hangeul

Woven into the Korean language is a history of culture and politics of the far east. Rising from the intersection of a mixing pot of ethnicities, arts, tribes, and peoples, 한국말 (hanguk-mal, spoken Korean language) and 한글 (hangeul, written Korean language), specifically designed with the people and the culture in mind, revolutionized Korea as they made their name in the world.

Take A Seat in Your Movieroom

Spending a hot summer day in the sun makes you sweat for hours; don’t you feel like cooling off in a cold movie theater? Don’t worry, as this is possible to achieve in your very own bedroom. Turn on the fan, set up your device to watch Movieroom, and turn off the lights. There, it’s that simple.