All in Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Best of IU

This year marks the 10-year anniversary for solo artist IU, and on October 10, she will release a special digital single for her anniversary and in celebration of her upcoming concert. So to congratulate and celebrate IU’s latest achievement, we are taking a look at some of her best releases from these past 10 years!

Throwback Thursday: Chill Study Playlist

For most, it’s already the middle of the first semester of the school year, and often our energy and eagerness to learn starts to plateau. Sometimes we just need some good music to get us through long days and nights of studying, which is why this week, we’re highlighting great songs to keep you going through your studies.

Throwback Thursday: Acoustic Setlist

We are definitely in that transition where the temperature is cooling down and it’s starting to become autumn. It’s one step closer to sweater weather and we can all agree we are looking forward to layering our clothing, busting out the hot chocolate and snuggling up in warm sheets. When it comes to doing these particular activities, having a good playlist full of acoustic songs is the best match for this type of weather and season. For this week we are highlighting some of the best acoustic songs to come out of K-Pop!