Real Name: Khanh Tran

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Jungkook (BTS), HyunA (4Minute), Lisa (BLACKPINK)

I’m a graphic designer by day and a fangirl ninja by night. Being in the K-Pop fandom for more than 7 years means almost a decade of me spending a fortune and knowing how to secretly cry at my work desk while watching comeback teasers. An avid and dedicated fangirl like me would have an excel spreadsheet of all the merchandise purchased, concert and traveling expense, and then seeing how all of that money could be better spent elsewhere. However, I love this fandom and this lifestyle because I met some of the greatest friends, experienced amazing concerts, and found light in the darkest moments of my life.

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Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Taehyung, Jungkook, Yoongi (BTS)

One day in 2007, I fell down the black hole of Japanese and Korean entertainment. Now, a little over 12 years later, my passion has grown to encompass both Korean and Japanese languages, cultures, histories, music, and food. After completing a BA in History (East Asia) and an MA in English, I pursued a four-year Korean language program. I currently work in Communications at a state university and am working on my first book. In my spare time, I continue to polish my craft, dabble in hobbies (video games, photography, travel), and think too much.




Real Name: Roxanne Wilson

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS, GOT7

Top 3 Biases: Yoongi (BTS), Mark Tuan (GOT7), Yezi (FIESTAR)

I am a digital “professional” that works email marketing by day, social marketing, design, and writing by night, with a degree in media and design. Technically an “adult” suffering the noona life, but proving daily how arbitrary the term “adult” is anyway (Adults cry at their desk listening to new releases, right?). I have a dog named Lucy and constantly annoy my roommate (my brother) by blasting K-Pop at the house for just about every occasion. I’m basically the female incarnation of Min Yoongi. Vocal JBJ enthusiast.

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Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: Mamamoo & BTS

Top 3 Biases: Jimin (BTS), Lay (EXO), Jay Park

Washed up early on from the Hallyu wave, I am a writer for The Kraze who has been shipwrecked on K-Pop Island for over a decade. My love ranges from culture, history, and music to food, fashion, and beauty, keeping my love of learning ever growing—along with my list of favorite groups and bias wreckers. When I have to surface from drowning in all things Korean, I am busy at University managing 75 interns while completing my Masters.



Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: Too many to count!

Top 3 Biases: Mingyu (SEVENTEEN), Eunji (Apink), Lay/Sehun (EXO)

English undergrad by day… Ehem, English undergrad by night. I’m a fashion guru wannabe and boy group aficionado with a penchant for second-male leads (CHILBONGIE!!!). When I’m not discussing the 18th century novel, I’m naturally reading drama recaps and watching movies for daysss.

Jaden - Writer

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS and BLACKPINK

Top 3 Biases: Jungkook (BTS), Lisa (BLACKPINK), Baekhyun (EXO)

I lived in Korea for two straight years and loved everything about it except the music. But thanks to my friend who blew up my Instagram feed with EXO propaganda, I have submerged deep in the Hallyu Wave and probably will never resurface. In 2018 I was intrigued by the musical genius of MONSTA X and Wanna One, until my heart was snatched by BTS and EXO. My biggest dream is to collaborate with Taeyeon one day, and maybe see Kookie in concert (may God bless my wallet). While those dreams fester in the deep resets of my brain I spend most of my time trying to uncover a hidden gem of music, watching K-Dramas, or attempting to get my schoolwork done which is probably much more important.


Kristie - writer

Real Name: Kristie Chan

Origin: Canada

Ultimate Bias Group: GOT7 and BIGBANG

Top 3 Biases: Mark Tuan (GOT7), G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Chang Wook (I CAN'T CHOOSE, THEY ARE BOTH SO AMAZING)

Ever since I listened to BEAST's Fiction in 2011, I have been obsessed with everything related to the Korean culture. My friends have labelled me as a drama queen because of my crazy and intense obsession for Mark Tuan (GOT7). I am currently getting a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Communications, so I am always studying. When I'm not working, I am either watching K-Dramas, youtube videos, or writing for The Kraze where I am in charge of the latest updates on K-Beauty and K-Fashion. Even with my busy schedule, I always have time to fangirl over my favourite groups, GOT7 and BIGBANG.



Origin: Canada

Ultimate Bias Group: I don’t have one bias group… They’re all amazing...

Top 3 Biases: L (INFINITE), Taeyong (NCT), HyunA (4minute)

After being scared away from K-Pop for the first time in 2009, the hair and fashion thankfully changed enough to dive back into Korean entertainment. 2015 marked a pivotal moment in which I became obsessed with K-Dramas, eventually leading into K-Pop when i researched who Kim Myungsoo was from the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I never looked back. Since my start with The Kraze, Aleena follows enough idols and artists to the point she reached K-Pop Nirvana: no longer having a bias list.




Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Yoongi, BTS, …. BTS?

I have been exposed to world of K-Pop at quite a young age. Diving deeper into the pools of the culture as a whole due to my Korean background, K-Pop has always been a part of my life as far as I remember. While wandering around in means of getting more into the whole K-Pop world, I finally reached my destination in the year of 2014—that is, when I first stumbled upon BTS. From that day on, I am spending my time as a devoted ARMY (nothing can stop me from fangirling—yes, not even school) as well as a writer and translator of The Kraze. Consistently influenced by my multifandom sister, I’m now at the verge of joining her (but not quite yet).



Real Name: Aditi Menon

Origin: India

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: BTS (as a whole, I can’t pick D:), Sejeong (gugudan), IU

Currently a Business of Fashion student, almost a graduate and certified adult. I am in charge of disguising my love and fondness in the form of articles for the magazine. My discovery of K-Pop one day led me to discover the multidimensional world of the Hallyu Wave, and I’ve never looked back since. A true enthusiast and advocate of Korean fashion, beauty, and film, I’m still waiting to see at least one of my favorite K-Artists live. Until then, long live YouTube!!

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Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: SHINee, f(x), and NCT

Top 3 Biases: 5HINee, Luna (f(x)), Johnny (NCT)

Influenced by my sister’s latest obsession back in high school, I entered the world of K-Pop mesmerized by the catchy tunes, eccentric fashion, and striking choreographies. You can thank SHINee (and Taemin’s hair extensions) that officially got me hooked to the five boys and devote myself to this new lifestyle. Not only did this introduce me to a new music but a new perspective in life as K-Pop would always end up inspiring me in different ways. Currently pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing and a concentration in the Arts and Entertainment industry, I have been inspired to work in music and entertainment field to elevate the experience between fan and artist as much as K-Pop has formed an impact on my life.


AMBER - WRITER, promoter

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: B.A.P

Top 3 Biases: Bang Yongguk (BAP), Kim Namjoon (BTS), Youngbin (SF9)

When I am not drooling over my bias' Instagram updates or scouring the internet for the next hit korean song, I am diving deep into media theory books. (Or actually doing my job as a TEFL teacher) Outside of my love of korean entertainment I have been a k pop fan since 2008 drama fan since early 2000s. I fell to  the deepest part of the kpop hole when I discovered B.A.P in 2012. I listen to pop, rock R&B, hip hop, rap in both English and korean you name it I PROBABLY have it on a playlist somewhere. As I got older I began to dig deeper than just the surface of the korean entertainment industry which turned me into a self proclaimed hallyu historian. My hobbies not revolving around Korea is my obsession with table top gaming and Event Planning.


Sarah - Writer

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: GOT7 and BIGBANG

Top 3 Biases: G-Dragon (Big Bang), BamBam (GOT7), Jongdae (EXO)

Being adopted from South Korea, Korea has always been a part of me. I developed an interest in Korean culture at a young age, but it wasn’t until Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” that I fell into the world of K-pop. Now I am a multi-fandom fan, which means my bank account is always weeping. I am an English/Communications major, so I am constantly writing. If, by a miracle, you catch me not writing, then I am probably watching comeback teasers, doing photography, or binging a K-drama.



Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Taehyung, Hoseok (BTS), Wonpil (DAY6)

Relatively new to all things Hallyu, I happily stumbled upon K-Pop by accident when my workout playlists ran dry. Ever since becoming an ARMY in 2016, I have only fallen further into the Korean entertainment abyss. Add to that, a degree in English and a background in journalism and market research, and I found myself here at The Kraze. When I’m not traveling across the country to go to as many live shows as possible, I can be found scouring the K-hip-hop and indie scene for new music or trying every sheet mask I can get my hands on. Lastly, if I can leave you with any piece of advice, it’s this: stan DAY6.

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Real Name: Giovanna Trabasso

Origin: Brazil

Ultimate Bias Group: Block B

Top 3 Biases: Zico (Block B) and RM (BTS) are all I need

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Mary - Writer

Origin: Kenya

Ultimate bias group: BTS

Top 3 biases: Hyun Bin, Jimin (BTS), The rest of BTS members

Watching dramas and wring about dramas is what I love to indulge in. If not, I will be bopping to my favorite BTS playlist as I go about living life.

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Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: Seventeen, B.A.P, and Boyfriend

Top 3 Biases: Daehyun (B.A.P) and Jeonghan (Seventeen)

As a college undergraduate, I am currently working toward a degree in animation where I one day hope to pursue a career in the film industry. This interest in art and design led me into the world of K-pop. Like many, I was first introduced to this genre of music in 2012 through the infamous Gangnam Style music video. However, it was not until 2014 that the obsession truly set in. I remember the first time I watched Janus by Boyfriend and I was instantly captivated by the dashingly handsome men dancing and singing in aesthetically pleasing settings and backgrounds. Since then, I’ve fallen deep down into the rabbit hole that is the world of k-pop and I don’t see myself coming out anytime soon.



Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Jungkook (BTS), Mark Tuan (GOT7), Sana (TWICE)

Into K-POP since 2009, started from Big Bang’s LALALA and now I’m here with BTS’ DNA. As time passed, so did my love for K-pop aka instead of just doing fanart for anime characters I’m now constantly doing k-pop fanart (mainly BTS) 24/7 oops. If I’m not doing art or spazzing about BTS, you’ll most likely find me playing overwatch or other games with BTS related usernames.


Jean - Photographer

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BIGBANG, CNBLUE

Top 3 Biases: G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE), Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

In an effort to improve my native Korean, the rabbit hole of K-Dramas originally sucked me in. After You're Beautiful, Jung Yonghwa and CNBLUE became by UB group, but soon Big Bang, Epik High, BAP and AOMG were to drag me further into the K-music world. From going to concerts and enjoying my music in a solo bubble, I soon realized that there was a much larger community of fans of all ages, ethnicities, genders and styles that filled the K-pop realm. With friends all over the world from in their teens to 60's, I've formed a solid network of amazing friends that share with me my love of K-pop. Spreading my skills beyond the realm of fine art management, I joined in the world of K-media and have developed a love of capturing those perfect moments of my favorite groups to share.




Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS (the trashiest stan you’ll know)

Top 3 Biases: Yoongi, Jungkook (BTS), Jongin (EXO)

The journey of being trash started long ago when TVXQ was still 5. Several years later I’m still bitter about the whole ordeal. Kidding I know they’re doing great after all these years. What was a love and mere hobby for photography blossomed into a love for concert and event photography that has taken me all over the world. A hobby that is a lifetime in the making.



Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Taehyung (BTS), Daehyun (B.A.P), G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

K-Popped since 2013. K-Drama obsession est. 2014. I should make shirts. Tagline: “Her only fault is she stans too much.”




Real Name: Ericka Puyat

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS & The Rose

Top 3 Biases: Taehyung, Yoongi (BTS), Woosung/Sammy (The Rose)





ANix - Social Media Manager

Real Name: Annika Brandes

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: EXO

Top 3 Biases: DEAN, Sehun (EXO), Jimin (BTS)/Chungha

I’m a sleep-deprived college student majoring in Communication Studies with two minors in Korean and Journalism. I’m involved in editing, promoting, and social media management for the magazine. My relationship with K-Pop stems from Taemin’s coconut head in “Replay” and it’s been downhill ever since! Shoutout to Taeyong, Seulgi, JB, Jay Park, and all of SHINee, NU’EST, and f(x)—I was restricted to top 3 biases but I will not suppress my love for y’all! First in line for I.O.I’s reunion tour.

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Real Name: Kayleen Burdick

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS

Top 3 Biases: Jungkook (BTS), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Kevin Woo (UKISS)

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Origin: Egypt

Ultimate Bias Group: BTS



Real Name: J.Ventinilla

Origin: USA

Ultimate Bias Group: B.A.P

Top 3 Biases: Yongguk (B.A.P), Mark Tuan (GOT7), IU

I’ve been a long time fan of K-Pop since 2007 and have been about that multifandom life. I was first exposed to K-Pop thanks to BoA, DBSK and Super Junior and since then have seen so many groups rise up and seen the industry grow to what it is today. I am a promoter and writer for The Kraze but aside from my work with this awesome team, I’m a grad-student, which means my head is always buried in books but I am also working on my YouTube channel (centered around K-Pop and other interests) and Twitch gaming channel in my spare time. Most of the time, you can catch me spazzing around on social media, so I encourage you all to interact with me! K-Pop has been big part of my life and I don’t see my love wavering for it for a long time coming. One last thing: STAN B.A.P.

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