Job Description

Photographers help bring the stories to life for our magazine. Candidates will have the opportunity to receive special press passes to many of the K-Pop concerts and events. Photographers are skilled at various photographing techniques and knows how to operate a DSLR camera. Candidates must be ninja-like and quick, making sure to take the best shots during performances and interviews. Photographers also represent the magazine’s image and reputation, so professionalism is very important to uphold on the job. Must already have own DSLR and other camera equipment.

Photographers will be part of the design team as a volunteer opportunity. As of now, compensation will not be given.


Major Responsibilities

  1. Attend K-Pop concerts and events to photograph all angles and aspects

  2. Maintain professionalism and create connections with other press representatives while on assignment

  3. Provide own transportation and accommodation if traveling

  4. Manage all RAW photos, apply minor editing through Lightroom or Photoshop

  5. Report to editor-in-chief and/or creative director with any concerns on assignment and availability

  6. Provide status updates to creative director while on assignment



  1. At least one experience with photographing K-Pop concerts/events

  2. Must have own DSLR and camera equipment

  3. Ability to attend local K-Pop events or short travel to them

  4. Must have excellent written & verbal communication skills, including grammar & spelling

  5. Reliable and responsive during all needed communications through emails and online chat, in addition to being on assignment

  6. Have a photography portfolio that showcases your best photographic skills - mainly looking for K-Pop related photos and/or concert event photography


Additional Qualifications

  1. Reside in the following Asian countries: Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillippines, Vietnam - and able to frequently cover all K-Pop related events in your country

  2. Travel out of country/state to attend K-Pop events overseas

  3. Reside in major US cities - and be able to attend K-Pop related events in your area


Please email your photography portfolio link or attach samples to Also Include your experiences and qualifications that you can best bring into this position. Applicants without photography portfolio or samples will not be considered. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we will only contact you if you fit our needed qualifications.