Web Editor


Job Description

Web editors serve as the first round of reviewers for all web articles released on The Kraze’s new website. Web editors are expected to help develop ideas, format articles, and edit each assigned piece for content, clarity, style, and grammar/technical issues. Various types of content will be assigned, including: feature-length pieces, short news stories, cultural columns, music and TV columns, and reviews.

Due to the nature of this position and the skillset required, our ideal candidates possess a background in editing, with special training or a degree in the field strongly preferred. The candidate should have experience in editing for a publication, delivering high-quality, error-free projects under tight deadlines, proven time management skills, advanced familiarity with Google Docs, and effective communication skills.

Web Editors will be part of the editorial team as a volunteer opportunity. As of now, there is no compensation. We are currently looking for 1-2 dedicated Web Editors who will not work on our print/digital issues but rather be completely focused on our website.


Major Responsibilities

  1. Work closely with a team of Web Writers to revise content and structure of articles

  2. Edit and proofread content for grammar, clarity, consistency, tone, and style

  3. Learn and follow house style guide along with direct chain of editing and posting process

  4. Assist with fact-checking, photo sourcing, crediting, and formatting posts for The Kraze’s website

  5. Communicate openly and efficiently with members of the team at all times

  6. Communicate with the Editor-in-Chief (also the lead web editor) about any concerns related to articles, workload, or issues within the team

  7. Provide status updates on all current projects during weekly meetings, or as requested by the Editor-in-Chief

  8. Remain current on changes to the style guide, and participate in any available trainings

  9. Remain current on trends and issues in the Korean entertainment sphere

  10. Assist writers with brainstorming ideas for columns

  11. Ensure deadlines for assigned pieces are met

  12. Ensure that any translations are run by one of our in-house translators in order to guarantee accuracy



  1. B.A. in English, Communications, Journalism, or a related field strongly preferred. Candidates with degrees in progress or extensive coursework in these areas will be considered. Some relevant experience may substitute for a degree.

  2. Some technical training or experience in different types of editing including line editing, copy editing, content editing, and proofreading is required (2+ years preferred). Experience working with a publication may substitute for formal training.

  3. Fluid command of English language and grammar. Native speakers are preferred.

  4. Exceptional attention to detail and strong organization and project management skills are a must.

  5. Advanced knowledge of using Google Docs through Google Drive for collaborating with writer(s).

  6. Ability to clearly convey technical and complex concepts to a variety of audiences.

  7. Ability to learn multiple style guides to develop and edit articles.

  8. Ability to maintain high-quality work while meeting tight deadlines.

  9. Ability to work well both individually and in a team environment.

  10. Ability to work after business hours and on weekends, sporadically, as project schedules demand.

  11. Must have excellent written & verbal communication skills, including grammar & spelling.

  12. Reliable and responsive during all needed communications through emails and online chat.


Please email your resume, cover letter, and one short writing sample to clazore@thekrazemagazine.com. Include your experiences and qualifications, as well as what you can bring to this position. If available, include samples of edits (before and after). All candidates will be required to take an editing assessment in order to determine suitability for the role. Applications without resumes or cover letters will not be considered. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we will only contact you if you fit our needed qualifications.