Job Description

Writers are responsible for the proper in-depth research and the writing process of all articles, columns and stories of the The Kraze international K-Pop magazine. Candidates will get to choose topics to write articles and/or columns on with the approval of the managing editor and/or the editor-in-chief. Writers are knowledgeable on the topic the candidates are covering. Candidates will work and collaborate with a team of other writers to bounce off ideas and help one another cover topics. There may be times when writers will be partnered up in certain writing assignments.

Writers will be part of the editorial team as a volunteer opportunity. As of now, compensation will not be given.


Topics to cover, but not limited to:

  • Debut & disbanded artists/groups

  • Reviews (music videos, songs & albums, comeback concepts, concerts & events, dramas & movies, fanfiction)

  • Trending stories like anticipating comebacks, idols going into the military or acting career, scandals and legal issues

  • Korean fashion & beauty

  • Upcoming events

  • Korean culture (food, traditions, holidays, customs, etc.)

  • Music charts, album sales and music video views


Major Responsibilities

  1. Brainstorms ideas for new topics to cover for the next publication(s)

  2. Writes drafts for all articles and stories using our dedicated writing and editing process

  3. Submit all drafts to assigned editor and provide any necessary changes the editor requests

  4. Report to managing editor and/or editor-in-chief with any concerns on assignment and availability

  5. Stays current and ahead on K-Pop news, events and trends

  6. Provide status updates on all current projects during weekly meetings



  1. A degree or taking high school/college courses in any relations to communication, journalism, English or media

  2. Must have any prior experience working in a publication (ex. school newspaper/magazine, local papers, trade journals, newsletters, etc.)

  3. Must have an active interest and knowledge about K-Pop, the Hallyu wave and Korean culture

  4. Must have excellent written & verbal communication skills, including grammar & spelling

  5. Must be proficient in using Google Docs through Google Drive

  6. Reliable and responsive during all needed communications through emails and online chat

  7. Organized, juggle multiple of projects, and meet tight deadlines

  8. Passionate and driven to share K-Pop not only within the current fandom, but also to outside of the K-Pop community that isn’t familiar with it

  9. Have an unique writing style that resonates originality, bold personality and a little sense of humor


Additional Qualifications

  1. Have connections to any Korean entertainment companies or Korean news outlets

  2. Ability to travel to K-Pop events internationally

  3. Advanced or fluent in both Korean and English for interviewing purposes


Please email your resume and cover letter to clazore@thekrazemagazine.com. Be sure to include any of the topics listed above that you can/want to cover, plus any other ideas you’d want to write about. Send a writing sample for us to review and it can be about anything, but a K-Pop topic is preferred. Mention your experiences and qualifications that you can best bring into this position. Even if you don’t meet the first two qualifications, we can still determine if you’re a good fit for our magazine through your writing sample.

Applicants without resumes, cover letters and writing samples will not be considered. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we will only contact you if you fit our needed qualifications.